I turned 25 last Sunday, and had meant to post this then.  However, I've had a nasty cold, so I am sharing some life tips I've learned over the last quarter of a century.  I tried to keep them short and sweet for easy reading.  I'm so excited for what this next quarter of a century has in store, and sharing more of my life with you all through this blog.


25. Order dessert, I've never regretted it.

24. Automatic savings is a must.

23. Everyone should work with children a few times in their life.

22. Sometimes the right person will come when you're not even looking.

21. Know your worth.

20. Don't take living 100ft from your friends for 4 years for granted. It's hard not having 10 girls to text to get food within 5 minutes. 

19. Read a lot of books (Also blogs, tweets, magazines, reddit posts).

18. Tea is underrated.

17. Spend a night (or many) underneath the stars and open sky.

16. Fresh flowers can lift the mood of any room.

15. Learn from your past mistakes.

14. Get a dog, or cat, or fish. Or just be around animals, they rock.

13. Our environment is precious, take care of it. 

12. It's good to listen to other people's opinions, even if you don't agree with them.

11. Keep an open heart and an open mind.

10. Your friends should make you a better person, and in return you should lift them up and help them to be their best selves as well.

9. It's nice to have a good cry every now and then (The Movie "My Girl" gets me every damn time).

8. Embrace what makes you quirky or unique.

7. Travel!  Meet people outside of your own culture and learn about theirs.

 6. Use sunscreen...I'm just going to put wear your seatbelt & don't text drive here too. :)

5. Make an effort to be more aware/educated about what you're putting in your body.

4. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

3. Learning how to apologize is important, along with learning how to forgive.

2. Love is the answer to a lot of our problems. 

1. Tell your family and friends how much you love them as much as possible!!