I can't believe that it is already December!  The holiday season is upon us, and it looks like the cold weather will be soon as well.  We Minnesotans have been lucky with the higher temperatures lately, but I do love when Christmas is cold and snowy so I'll take it.

This past weekend Connor and I headed to Milwaukee to go to a memorial service for my friend Brennan.  Losing a friend never gets easier, and it's especially hard to never know what could have been.  Hearing other people's stories about his passion for justice, his kindness and compassion, and his optimistic spirit was hard, but made me proud to know him.  I am so proud and happy for what my friend had accomplished in his short life.  I'm inspired to go make a difference because of him, and I hope that when things like this happen we can help that person live on within our actions.

Talk to the person who is alone in the room.  Stand up for those, who can't stand up for themselves.  Be genuinely happy for others. Make time for family and old/new friends.  Get a workout in - He loved the gym (: -.  If you need help, don't be afraid to get it (Whether that be for mental illness, addiction, or if you just need an extra hand).

Although it wasn't under good circumstances, I am glad we got to see friends that we hadn't seen in a long while.  We ended the trip on this sandy beach next to Lake Michigan.  It was a really peaceful experience with Connor, Luna, and I just taking in the crisp morning.  

Happy to be sharing with you again.